Jesper Hansen


I'm a 41 year old dane based just north of Copenhagen. I posses, what I believe is a healthy mix of humor, heart and skill, along with an ability to simplify complicated design challenges. I’m also an avid photographer and you’ll often find me chasing light and fog and posting the results on Instagram.


With 17+ years of experience, I've come to consider myself somewhat of a "design octopus" with a sharp eye for detail and a passion for crafting beautiful user experiences that bring delight and value to people and brands. I also enjoy communicating messages in the right way to the right audience through good visual storytelling and engaging content.

Hire me

I'm currently looking for new opportunities within graphic / digital design or product design, so feel free to shoot me an email or connect with me on LinkedIn if you think we could be a good match. Let's create something great together!


I’m Jesper. Designer of digital user experiences. Crafter of visual identities. Minimalism fanatic. Hobby photographer.